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Ella Salman. A name well known not only in Israel, but also abroad.
ELLA SALMAN. Elegance, elegance, flight of fantasy, style.
1998 year. Designer Ella Salman enters the Israeli market for wedding and evening dresses and conquers it. Flawless, distinguished by aristocratic cut, quality fabrics, creativity, creative thinking, attention to every “trifle” – all this allowed the designer to conquer the hearts of spoiled Israelis in a short time.
Today ELLA SALMAN has long crossed the borders of Israel. Her name deservedly became a brand in the wedding fashion market. Ella has been presenting her work for 19 years, presenting new collections of clothes for the main event in the life of women in Israel, Moscow, St. Petersburg.
Wedding dresses from ELLA SALMAN differ not only in design, but also in high quality, because Are performed manually. Using unusual design solutions and small tricks, the designer achieves an impeccable planting of the product according to the figure.

ELLA SALMAN is not only a unique design, handwork and impeccable quality, it’s fantasy and caring for the buyer. Almost every dress is transformed, changing two or even three times in the evening. In models, you can change the lower or upper part of the kit at the request of the client. You can order one corset with two or more skirts, different shapes and fabric structure. To the whole dresses of a smooth silhouette, you can add a top layer sewn with a separate dress, a layer of thin lace or guipure.

Collections of wedding dresses from ELLA SALMAN are dresses for these Women – delicate taste, impeccable style, quality. Each dress is an exclusive, separate world. The collections of the Israeli designer wonderfully combine and harmoniously exist with each other, the airiness and tenderness of the romantic style, the majesty of royal dresses, the strict classical lines and modern details, the aristocracy of the past and a little eccentricity and freedom of the present century.


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Irus Hanegev St. 79, Beer-Sheva, Israel


+972 53 3328529