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SR Cosmetics

SR Cosmetics is a well-known leading cosmetics brand in Israel and abroad.
SR Cosmetics’ products receive great success and are in demand by cosmeticians, beauty salons, as well as marketing and training centers for the various beauty professions.
The Company manufactures and markets a wide variety of cosmetic products for men and women.All its high quality and unique products meet the most stringent standards.
The Company’s products contain active ingredients that were tested in the most advanced laboratories to validate their effectiveness.

SR Cosmetics has recently launched its products in Russia and it will participate and introduce its products in upcoming professional exhibitions around the world in order to promote its activities abroad by collaboration with leading distributors. Among its unique products, SR Cosmetics markets a series of paramedical preparations that help repair all levels of skin damage. These products are also used in Anti-Aging and Mesotherapy treatments. In all each of the Company’s marketing centers worldwide, there are trained staff members that instruct our clients regarding the correct and most effective treatment methods so that the cosmeticians using SR Cosmetics will be able to provide effective and proven solutions to their clients.


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